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Table reservations

Enable online table reservation from your website or social networks. Your clients will be able to book 24/7 from anywhere and in real time.

Guarantee payment

Card number

Secure your reservations with a guarantee

  • Increase occupancy each turn
  • Avoid the No Show
  • Guarantee your reservations by paying an amount: per reservation, per guest…

Indicate your preferences

Allow your customers to write you their preferences or they warn you of any intolerance or allergy so that you take it into account

Allow your customers to write you their preferences

Or they warn you of any intolerance or allergy so that you take it into account

Assign reservations to tables

View from an specific screen all reservations. It also displays the tables layout and their availability in real time to be able to assign and organize the rooms with all your reservations.




Table reservation confirmation

Avoid no shows

PortalRest sends a reservation confirmation via email. The system also allows canceling the reservation from the same confirmation and returns the table as available for a new reservation.

Online reservations 24 hours a day

Avoid losing reservations due to not having a registration channel available (Example: phone calls to reserve a table that are not attended ...)

Increase table turnover

Establish shifts for each service (lunch, dinner ...), allowing you to increase the volume of reservations.

Marketing for your clients

Build loyalty to your customers and reach new customers with personalized promotions with our marketing tool and increase sales. Our tool consists of an intelligent system that allows you to send personalized messages so that customers who have not come back for a long time, to attract new customers, to retain them, etc.
Build loyalty with your customers
Custom promotions
Personalized messages
Attract new customers

Get to know your customers

Relate the reservation customer to sales and make decisions based on the data you analyze. Identify his favorite dishes, his average ticket, the last time he came, the times he attended your restaurant…

Average ticket



Clients age

Sales per customer

Assistance to your restaurant

12 times this month


Integrate it into your social networks

In order to reach the maximum number of potential clients, enable online table reservations from your website and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, ..)

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