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Qr on the table

Allow your customers to consult and place orders from anywhere by reading a QR

Ordering has never been easier

Increase your customer satisfaction

Don't spend time taking notes and spend the time offering better customer service.

Increase your earnings

It is proven that when the customer places the order from his mobile, the average ticket increases.

Agility in orders

PortalRest reduces your customers' waiting times by sending the order directly to the kitchen. That means more table turnover and MORE SALES!
Reduce your customers waiting times
Order directly to kitchen
Table rotation
More sales

Without errors

Your customers ask for exactly what they want without making mistakes in taking orders.

Secure your money

Guarantee the payment of the orders that your customers place from their mobile.

Update the menu instantly

No more card printing for every change. Add new dishes, modify ingredients, update prices, etc. Any modification in real time and without added cost.

Add new dishes

Modify ingredients

Update prices

Set the menu

Integrate it into your social networks

In order to reach the maximum number of potential customers, enable access to your letter and order management from your website and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, ..)

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